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“But I don’t want a Theme Wedding!’

Recently I asked one of my brides what the theme of her wedding was. She adamantly told me that she was not interested in a ‘Theme Wedding’.
After a quick explanation that ‘THE’ theme and A ‘Theme‘ were two different things, she told me about her vision and how she wanted the event to look.
The theme of the wedding is like the melody of a song. A ‘Theme’ would be like the words of a song.
The theme (or melody) of the event is the way the decor fits together and sets the mood of the event. Crisp white linens with apple green napkins and green viburnum in glass vases is still a theme. It’s just not the traditional ‘Theme‘ as most people see it. It gives a feeling, sets the tone of the event and creates an environment that underlies an event rather than modifies it. ‘A Theme‘ on the other hand can be more picturesque, and tell a story rather than create a mood. A Cinderella wedding or a Renaissance wedding are themes that use the ‘words’ of the song to tell a story.
So don’t be afraid of talking about your theme. It can be as simple as your color choices or the lighting you have chosen, and if you do choose to have a ‘Theme’, enjoy it~ It can be like a toy that you play with or a puzzle with many parts that seem to keep adding up.
Either way, make it yours and remember to take a moment to enjoy the song.