Summer Weddings in Arizona

I am constantly asked how I get through June with all of the June Weddings by friends and associates across the country; but while being a June Bride in most of the country is preferable, June is when things really slow down in Arizona.

Summer in Arizona can be miserable with it’s hundred and umpteen degree weather and vicious monsoons that are preceded by enormous dust ‘haboobs’ that literally cover miles and miles of landscape and homes with a thin fine layer of dust. So why, you ask,  would anyone want to get married in Phoenix in Arizona?

The cost for one. Prices for ballrooms and sleeping rooms are extraordinarily priced during the summer months. Many of the resorts have ‘stay-cation’ deals that can’t be beat! $79 to $129 a night for 3 and 4 star resorts can be found. These deals allow your guests to have a mini-vacation as well as just attending your wedding. Multiple Pools, Waterparks, Waterslides and lazy rivers are typical of many Arizona Resorts, so your guests can keep cool and have fun in the desert.

Ballrooms are air-conditioned, Churches and Temples are air-conditioned and Limos and Cars are air-conditioned, so really there is very little time you need to be outside. But, since many resorts slow down here in the summer, they are willing to work some deals for you to host your event. When booking your event, find out from the event coordinator on staff when you can save a little money rather than where you can cut costs. If you can be a little flexible with your date, you can save money on your location and have a little more left in your budget for more flowers or decorations.

Speaking of flowers! When sitting down for your floral consultation for a summer wedding, keep in mind that most flowers prefer a cool wet environment. Listen to your florist and let him or her guide you to flowers that are hardier in a harsher climate. Choose flowers that are going to hold up longer than just the ceremony. Silk flowers are also an option, but I personally love to see a bride with fresh flowers. The aromatherapy alone makes it easier to walk up the aisle.

Many other vendors also love to book events in the summer, so sometimes you can get a little better deal on a DJ or a photographer or planner. Or you can upgrade to a more expensive service because of their summer specials.

Try cooling down your event with cool colors. Blues and greens and soft lavenders give an illusion of a cooler space, so instead of blanketing your event in Sunset Orange and Cardinal Red, try Ocean Blue with a beach theme, or Pale Celadon Green with Manzanita tree centerpieces to give a cool forest feel.

All in all, be prepared for the heat, listen to the professionals, and save a little money by having an Arizona Summer wedding!

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