Navy, the subtle difference.

Strangely, the question I get asked most about weddings is: “What colors are popular this year?”

I always hesitate to answer with just one color, because on any given Saturday, I might do three or four weddings all with a different color scheme.  However, one trend I am seeing is a difference in ‘base color’.

For many years, black and white were the two most dominant base colors, or shades in this case. Then a few years ago, there was a shift to brown and ivory. This natural change in trends showcased the rest of the spectrum of colors in a softer less dramatic way.

This year, I have noticed the trend for a base color swinging towards Navy. Navy gives the clean crisp feel that black does, but with a bit of brightness that makes the colors it is coupled with more opulent and intense. What is great about Navy is that it is a natural pairing for a wide variety of colors. Imagine Navy and Tiffany for an elegant evening wedding, or Navy and Poppy gold for a crisp nautical bridesmaid’s luncheon.

Depending on the shade of pink, from pastel through fuchsia, you can generate  all different sorts of ambiance.

A few words of caution when using navy;

·         It can look like a sports teams colors

o   Instead of just adding orange, use shades of orange, peach and rust for a less traditional fall feel

·         It can look very military

o   Use silver instead of gold if this is a concern

o   Add a pastel pink, celadon or ivory with gold as a lighter twist

·         It can look patriotic

o   Use multiple shades of reds and burgundy to the floral design instead of one shade of red

·         It can have Christmas undertones

·         Use the right shade of navy so it doesn’t look ‘muddy’

I only add the words of caution so that you won’t fall into any of these occasions, but there are so many ways to make it a cheerful option to the traditional black.

Some of my favorite colors to use with Navy are Lime, Tiffany, Ocean, any shade of pink, and amethyst.

So be creative, think out of the box and try Navy as a base color. I think you’ll be happily surprised at the result.Image

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