Celebrating ‘Change of Life’ Events

I think the most important events in our lives are the ones that are proof of a ‘change of life’. No, I don’t mean menopause! I mean specific events that show the growth into the next phase of our life. Births, Baptisms, Birthdays, Graduations etc are all momentous occasions that we mark with a celebration.

I pause on this thought today, because my oldest child is about to turn twenty-one and instead of having Mom make the plans, She is doing everything on her own. For me, her twenty-first birthday only proves that I am aging faster and that soon she will be leaving my nest. For her it’s the completion of childhood and the new beginning that is her adulthood. Therefore, it’s more than just a party, it’s a cause for a momentous celebration!

Quinceaneras, Mitzvahs and Weddings are some of the more joyous of the change of life events. Huge festivities surround these events and sometimes last days at a time. From becoming an adult in the eyes of the community to becoming a family, the events that show our personal and community growth are always cause for a grand celebration.

If we look into the photo album of our lives, the most and best photos are of these change of life events. We pay a photographer to come in and photograph our senior portraits and weddings, but we don’t hire a professional photographer for Fourth of July celebrations or Christmas. These are annual events instead of Change of Life events, and they don’t hold the same impact on our day to day lives that something like a wedding or funeral would.

Yes, Funerals are change of life events. And these days I am seeing them as celebrations of the life of our loved ones rather than as the sad, morose events of the past. I believe this healthy celebration helps people deal with a tragic event easier and gives them the opportunity to say all of the things they didn’t or couldn’t before.

So from birth to death and all of the Change of Life events in between; Celebrate!

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