Seasonal Thinking-‘But my wedding isn’t until next year.’

Many brides fall into the thinking that ‘My wedding isn’t until next season so I will worry about it then.’ But this seasonal thinking can definitely get them into trouble. A perfect example is the bride with an early January wedding who keeps thinking that she has until ‘next year’ and suddenly it is the beginning of December, she is worrying  about the holidays yet she still hasn’t ordered her bridal bouquets or  booked her DJ. Or the bride who gets engaged a Christmas for an October wedding, but in the summer keeps thinking that since her wedding is in the fall she has ‘plenty of time’.

Panic sets in and due to lack of foresight, her budget gets thrown out with the wrapping paper.

Amusingly, this same bride according to statistics has been carrying around at least one of the dozens of bridal magazines available to her for the last six months or so. Is she just looking at the pictures or is she taking in any of the content? Every one of the bridal magazines on my desk has a basic timeline that, when loosely followed, should be giving today’s bride an easy way to budget and plan their wedding.

Occasionally, they have actually done the budgeting and planning, but since the event isn’t for two months, haven’t put down deposits on services and goods that they need and find themselves without the venue or equipment desired because they are no longer available. This is not entirely the fault of the bride in this case. It is very easy for a busy event professional to say, ‘oh, we have plenty of time for that.’ These simple words decrease the urgency for the bride and she begins to procrastinate.

Not only is this hard on the bride, but is bad salesmanship. As event professionals we should be guiding these clients towards a need to book their services early. We should be tellng them at Bridal Shows, consultation and through our advertising that ‘times a’ wastin’. Our clients and brides deserve the wedding of their dreams and if they wait until closer to wedding season, it will be too late.

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