The Internet Bride and Short Term Planning

This has been one of the strangest years I have ever seen in the wedding industry. Brides are booking and completing their weddings in the very short spans of time.
It isn’t unusual to be engaged for six months or more as in the past, but the actual planning portions of their weddings seem to be within a month of their actual event.
At first it looked as if the short planning time was directly related to the internet and its immediate gratification aspect. After all, you can order a pizza online and have it delivered in half an hour, why can’t you order your event rentals or invitations on line and have them delivered the next day?
Obviously this isn’t feasible in the real world where inventory limitations, budget restrictions and actual creation time deserve a little preplanning.
However, this change in timing isn’t due to the fact that the internet bride is not preplanning. On the contrary, she is doing extensive internet research on the items she needs for her event and the delay is in the actual ordering of goods.
This new savvy bride is still abiding by the suggested timelines that she sees in every bridal magazine and on one of the hundreds of bridal websites, but she is visiting the vendors she needs to create her event later in the planning process.

2 thoughts on “The Internet Bride and Short Term Planning

  1. You nailed it. Last minute weddings have been coming in for months. Couples are discovering that venues and vendors will often give a substantial discount for a short notice event. They also tend to be a realistic wedding experience vs. an out of proportion wedding production.

  2. While I’ve had several “immediate” weddings this year, where brides have booked me for their wedding with less than two months to go, I’ve also had brides book me a full year in advance. I wonder if venues are dangling deals to book out into the future in addition to dangling deals to book something immediate?

    As for brides planning their music, well it’s been status quo. Some are thorough and have their stuff together months in advance, some struggle to get me information even 2 or 3 days before their ceremony/reception.

    Procrastination is never easy to overcome. I think I’ll work on that tomorrow….

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